Quality standards and compliance regulation, both national and international, is complex. The rules are changing constantly. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA) and other global regulators require that employees in the Life Sciences industries are trained to meet compliance standards and have fundamental job knowledge.

In our Q-Academy, we offer training, professional coaching and mentoring. As your business needs change, we align them with the skills and knowledge of experts. We understand that a project can only exceed expectations when both the hard and soft skills of a team meet the highest standards. Therefore, we are committed to sharing our knowledge with talent, by coaching and mentoring project teams.

Our Q-Academy is open for our own experts, but also for employees of our clients. Getting entire teams to a higher level, keeping them motivated and assuring their commitment during all phases of a project will result in higher ROI and faster delivery of projects.

Your business needs to keep up with this change. Our Q-Academy is an interesting way to develop and maintain knowledge about Quality and Compliance. We apply a blend of structured classroom and experimental learning, because often true insight comes from outside the classroom.

Our consultants are trained year-round with a tailor-made approach. Around six times a year we provide courses to develop competences within certain subjects to increase expertise level. These courses strengthen leadership and management skills as well as personal, emotional and sociable skills.

Our Q-Academy is recognized by the Flemish Government as a training service provider (DV.O218731). For all our training courses, you can do an appeal on the “KMO-Portefeuille”.

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