As a consultant for Q-People I notice that the support from the back-office and the introduced trainings are contributing to my evolution and this is a positive experience as well for me as for the client.

Testimonial of Ann

Since 2009 I started to work for Q-People as an analyst at the Quality Control Labo for a big pharmaceutical company. Rapidly I made promotion as a Project Engineer at the client within that same department. In this position they expect you to have knowledge about specific markets : purchase, device/method validation and qualification, compliance, Lean-concept and problem solving are only a few of the daily activities I carry out.

The values of Q-People bring me relief : thanks to the open communication and involvement of the back-office you never feel alone. You can always contact them for questions or problems. The open communication also contributes that you are able to grow in the direction that you want. They are listening to you and you will receive valuable adjustments and tips. Yearly you are able to indicate your interests and training needs. Based on this they will provide you with a personal training schedule especially in group but also individual. As well Project skills as soft skills are extensively integrated.