Q-People provides expert consultants in their core business. We have employees at your disposal for any compliance project. They will align and engage themselves to fulfil the challenges of your business.
You can trust on the fact that your project will be well managed by Q-People. Q-People can manage or staff your projects and will protect at every stage the performance of your co-workers. We guarantee the best follow up and coaching of our/your Q-People project staff members. Your projects will have a smooth progress and will be proactively kept on track.


Providing experienced Compliance Specialists is not always easy. Our Q-Academy is an interesting way to develop and to maintain business knowledge transfer on track. This action is always in consultation with our customer. Q-People recruits young engineers and trains them following the costumers’ requirements. Q-People has an aligned training program on soft and hard skills. After one year the employee has the choice to continue his career with the client or as a Q-People member. Regardless the choice made the expert stays most of the time active on the same project via the same client.

This model offers a win-win outcome for all involved parties :

  • The client can focus on his core business without having to put too much time and budget in sourcing and training potential new employees.
  • The employee has the opportunity to develop his skills in a real working environment and will be supported along the way. He or she looks at a concrete career evolution with practical experiences.
  • Thanks to the Q-Academy approach by Q-People the employee will be well trained in every aspect of project working. Along the training process he/she will be prepared for new and more challenging assignments occurring in the future. Possibly in the next step of the same project and with the same customer.

3. Career Launch

Q-People has a very good and close collaboration with universities and expert schools. This enables us, after validating the training with an internship in companies, to extend the training and offer the opportunity to the candidates to become “external Junior consultant”. This consultant, on the payroll of Q-People, can thus work longer with the customer leading the project. This can be realised at a graduated, and thus interesting, fare. Candidates have the opportunity to enhance their training, this in combination with a first concrete professional experience, which raises their chances on the labour market.

This model offers a win-win outcome for all involved parties :

  • The customer can focus on his core business without spending too much time and budget on the recruitment and training of (potential) new employees.
  • The employee has the opportunity to develop his skills in a real work environment and will be supported throughout his career with a bonus of a concrete career development based on practical experiences.

4. Tailored Training

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA) and other global regulators require that employees in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries are trained to meet compliance standards and have fundamental job knowledge.

Our Q-Academy provides tailored made training solutions which are impactful, convenient for your business strategy and affordable:

  • Tailored courses on Regulatory & Compliance, Manufacturing, Training systems
  • Training courses on Validation, QA, QC, etc…
  • cGMP Training & Certification
  • Integrated onsite training with follow up, support & continuous coaching by certified coaches
  • Training on Soft skills in function of the business needs
  • Tailored trainings in function of career planning and development
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