Project Management for the Life Science industry

31/03/2017 All Day

All participants will learn about project-based working by getting hands-on experience of a number of techniques.  The training is aimed at making participants capable of defining a clear project goal, preparing the project, designing a clear plan, assessing risks, identifying stakeholders and planning how to work with them, ensuring the project is correctly monitored and making adjustments where necessary and finally evaluating a project and analysing the ‘lessons learned’ for the following project.

During the three days of training, several aspects of project managers’ leadership skills will be trained. There are no specific modules dedicated to these topics since leadership occurs in all stages of a project (Getting resources; Involving team members in planning; Communicating clearly on objectives, milestones, scope and tasks; making sure that tasks are executed properly through good delegation; Rewarding team members).

Bookings are closed for this event.