April 16 @ 3:02 am

Since 2007 has Q-People been active in the life science sector. As a service provider company we provide talent management solutions regarding projects on quality and efficiency improvements. Q-People provides professional support as well as total project solutions.

The shortage on talent characterizes the current market. Everyone is looking for that one white raven, and this war on talent exerts a negative impact on the growth of both people and businesses.

Based on this Q-People made the strategic choice to develop talent. The Q-Academy provides high quality training based on a scientific based methodologies and is provides intensive coaching, monitoring and support of people. This keeps their skills constantly maintained. At the same time they perfect their soft skills.

The focus on human capital enables companies to grow together with our talent. Employees unfolds as a professional and as a human being. The company can rely on highly trained project staff, which offer an outstanding value with their expertise on the long term.

The dynamism of Q-People explains the distinctive character of the organization which translates into sustainable result, where all parties benefit from.