About Q-People

The Q-People mission and vision

We are aligned and engaged to ensure you achieve better results, both in the short term and the long term.

  • Aligned: We offer the level of expertise, the approach and the positive attitude that enables you to reach your objectives. How? With experience and certified training. Our consultants undergo training at the start of and during a project. If we know you might need certain skills or competences in a future project, we train our consultants in these skills or competences in advance or help them to brush up and revise their existing abilities.
  • Engaged: Our value-driven business approach delivers better results for the consultant and the client. Everyone gets what they want. And everyone gets what they deserve. A high standard of performance for the client. An appreciative and appropriate level of reward for the consultant. This results in a work environment that is socially and professionally engaging.
  • For better results: Do you believe consultants should perform to a certain standard? We don’t. We believe our consultants should not just meet these standards but surpass them whenever possible. Their enhanced abilities open the door to new opportunities. You should make the most of these opportunities and the related challenges that lead to professional growth. Q-People strongly believes in this approach. Our core values and business structure are built around talent management and oriented towards continuously developing professional attitudes and technical skills. It encourages higher standards of performance in our consultants and employees and in our clients.

Origins and mindset

Q-People started out as a company focused on training, mentoring and coaching engineers. This is still a major focus. But we have grown. We use our knowledge to better match the interests and needs of our clients with those of our consultants. Why? It’s because we don’t want to see specialist knowledge, talent and ability being wasted. We don’t believe our clients should ever have to shy away from a challenge. And we most certainly don’t want to see our talented consultants squandering their abilities. Our insight and experience enable us to create perfect matches that drive performance to higher standards.

Q-People put people first. Our reward system ensures appreciation and encourages higher levels of performance. Our committed follow-up on projects, as well as our fine-tuning, coaching and training ensure consultants have the competences they need while guaranteeing a powerful level of engagement. Everyone benefits.

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