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At Q-People we want to do valuable work and contribute to society. We want to do something about the shortage of talent in our niche and heighten the level of expertise, so Life Science companies can focus on innovation.

The healthcare industry saves lives. Legislation and regulation is strict because doctors, laboratory staff and drug manufacturers carry a large responsibility. When something goes wrong, the toll is high. As a pharmaceutical company it is not always easy to comply with the ever changing rules to guarantee product and patient safety. That’s exactly why we made it our domain of expertise. So you don’t have to worry.

  • Q-Experts: Our Q-Experts are uniquely skilled, educated and committed people who will bring added-value to your company. Everyone at Q-People has a background in the Life Sciences sector. This experience has taught us a great deal. We know how difficult it is to attract the right consultant or employee. One that fits your company.
  • Q-Academy: Our company was founded in 2008 by Yassine Hamdan. At the core of the company is the Q-Academy, our training institute. Initially setup for our own consultants but expanded to the employees of our clients. By sharing knowledge with your staff our Q-Academy brings expertise to your company. A motivated, skilled and sustainable team achieves better results.
  • Q-Society: We are firm advocates of lifelong learning and knowledge sharing. Our Q-Society brings together all experts in cGxP Compliancy for Life Sciences in focus groups. By inviting inspiring top-speakers we fuel the discussions that give insights into the most pressing needs of our sector.

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